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Moves and Inspires

Let art move your soul and awaken your passion!


Lena's vibrant pieces are expressions of her journey. An explosion of color that invigorates the senses, Lena's work captures raw emotions and glimpses of awakenings. Each painting has a unique energetic vibration and meaning that can speak to us at different junctures of our lives. With a background in Eastern philosophy and eclectic healing traditions, Lena's work is grounded in a theoretical, intuitive, and experiential exploration of life.

"Painting is a meditation. In quiet surrender, I let my brush take me on a journey. Moving to its own cadence, my art is about trusting my inspiration. I am guided each step of the way, down to the brush that I use, the colors that I mix, and the strokes that I apply onto the canvas. Most of the time, I have no idea what I am painting until the piece is finished. During the process, if my mind jumps in and begins to question or direct me, I am immediately shut down. Everything comes to a halting stop. It is only when I am painting from my heart, connected to my soul and to the Universe, that the art can flow through me.


Through the layers of paint and textured surfaces, intimate truths about life are revealed. Emotions are explored. Realizations are uncovered. Painting is a vehicle that brings mindfulness, clarity, and understanding."

Colorful Landscapes of Discovery and Transformation

"Art has taught me to surrender to what is and to let life take me on this rollercoaster ride of unexpected miracles."

Reawakening Our Inner Child through Art

Lena was invited to give a Tedx talk in Taipei, Taiwan. She shares the amazing power that art, music, dance, and laughter can have to reawaken the inspiration and creativity of our soul. By tapping into a world of innocence, playfulness, and joy, our primordial wisdom can truly shine!

Art has the power to speak without words.

It can touch our hearts, move us to reflect, and inspire us to change.​

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