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Lena is an artist and bestselling author of Meditation: Science, Medicine, and Spirituality, A Practical Guide to Body-Mind Transformation, Harvard Unveiled, and seven children's books. She graduated from Harvard magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Lena lives amongst the majestic healing Redwoods in Northern California and is energized by the beauty and magnificence of nature.


A painter since she was 5, Lena rekindled her childhood passion and embraced it as her career after she walked away from the world of mergers and acquisitions. Lena has a studio in Taiwan and China and travels between the U.S. and Asia, painting and exhibiting her artwork. Lena’s artwork is being collected internationally. She has sold over 250 paintings to private collectors and has commissioned artwork for homes, offices, hotels, and education centers.


Lena has appeared in Vogue, Business Today, China Times, and a variety of TV programs and media publications. She was featured as one of the top ten “Women of the Year” in Self Magazine China’s “Dare to Shine” campaign in which she defined success as one that embodies a happy, healthy, and balanced lifestyle.


With a background in Eastern philosophy, meditation, yoga, qigong, energy healing, positive psychology, and life coaching, Lena’s art is influenced by her interest in the spiritual arts. Through her paintings, she shares the healing that she has experienced and the understandings to which she has awakened.

Lena’s passion is to support people in reconnecting with their heart space and realizing their amazing potential. She believes that when we live our authentic truth, we can inspire and illuminate the world around us.

Healing through Art

Artist Statement

"My artwork is an expression of a deep call for healing, for connection, for truth. I work with oils, acrylics, and a variety of mixed media. My exploration has taken me from colorful interpretative landscapes into the realm of abstract expressionism. My art is characterized by movement, rich and vibrant colors, and bold brushstrokes. Because I paint my healing process, often times, chaos and calm are interwoven together on the canvas. Rather than focusing on the end result, I juxtapose elements that show the unfolding of growth and transformation. Abstract art gives me the freedom to trust and surrender to the process without the need to conform to a set of rules or expectations. It gives me the space to own my journey and to share it authentically. 

My life is a journey of continuous learning. Painting reminds me to stay humble and to honor the creative expression of my soul. When I can gracefully surrender to the Universe without expectation, the art just flows through me."

Artistic Process

"Art is a medium that allows me to see myself clearly. It gives me the space to acknowledge what is present in my life. I paint without mentally planning or controlling the process. It is in this place of deep surrender to whatever arises that I am inspired to create.

As I step before a blank canvas, my mind is empty. I don't think about or analyze what I am feeling. I step away from my mind space, and instead, I listen to my body. I connect back to myself and enter a realm that does not discriminate, does not control, and does not limit. I can only paint when I am an empty vessel open to receive whatever comes through me. Painting is a knowing in each and every cell within my body. It is only in this space that the creative force can work its magic.

When I paint from the heart rather than from the mind, there is no filter. That is when the true healing happens as a deeper wisdom unfolds.  Difficulties that surface are transformed as I explore and uncover truths about myself.  These experiences are expressed through my artwork as energetic vibrations that speak directly to the heart.​"

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