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If you would like to commission a painting, this is the place to be! Lena is happy to create a special piece for your space. The collaboration and co-creation process is an exciting one as Lena guides you into a creative world of exploration and discovery.

How do I commission a painting?

1. Your Inspiration: Let's have a conversation about what this piece is for and what you would like to create. Here are some things to think about. Where would you like this piece hung? What would you like the painting to do for you? Do you want it to calm your bedroom, energize your work space, bring a sense of fun and liveliness to your living area? How would you like the painting to make you feel?

2. Your Stylistic Preferences: If you see certain paintings that you like from Lena's portfolio, you can email her a couple of pieces and point out your stylistic preferences. This can include colors that you like and types of visual effects. Lena cannot replicate another work of art, but she can certainly work with similar elements to create something that speaks to you personally.

If you are very specific with color choices or want to match certain elements in your space, you can mail Lena a sample of the color to use. She has matched the colors of bedroom rugs, mosaic tiles, and other interior decor. Color matching is not possible with photos because the colors that you see in photos are never the true color of the object.

3. Your Size: How large would you like your piece? If you are unsure about the size, Lena can work with you to figure out the ideal measurements for the designated wall space. Just send her a picture of the wall with the dimensions.

4. Deposit and Payment: Commission pricing is based on size. A 50% deposit is required before the painting process begins. Once the painting is complete, the remaining payment will be due. The full payment must be received before the painting is shipped out.

5. Lead Time: The painting process can take up to 3-6 months. If you are pressed for time or just too excited to receive your artwork, please let Lena know as she will try her best to accommodate your needs. 

6. Custom Framing: Lena is happy to help you frame the artwork after it is complete. You can share your frame preferences after you receive pictures of the painting. Interior design is one of her indulgences, so she would be happy to offer some design consultation about the type of framing that would fit your current space.

Begin this creative process!

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