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"Kindness" - sold out

“Coming Home” consists of three series. It begins with “Kindness,” a series about learning to love and accept ourselves for all that we are, for all our imperfections and our flaws. For, only when we meet ourselves with unconditional kindness and compassion can we then begin to change.

"Courage" - sold out

The next series is called “Courage.” We need courage to step out of our comfort zone and breakthrough all the beliefs that keep us small and fearful so that we can begin to create a new reality full of new possibilities.

"Flourish" - sold out

“Flourish,” the final series of this show, is about living our lives to our fullest potential. By living our authentic truth, we can be our best selves, live our passion and our purpose, and be a spark of light that illuminates the world around us.

"Transformation" - sold out

This series speaks about personal growth and transformation. It is about gaining the clarity and awareness to break through our habitual patterns and embracing a more authentic and graceful way of being. Transformation happens when we can surrender to the flow of life and allow the change to happen.