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Hotel Lobby Commission

Hotel Collection, Jiangxi, China

Sold Work and Commissioned Pieces

Collected Internationally



"Thank you for such a beautiful piece of artwork. When I see the paint layered upon the canvas, I am able to feel even more so the strength and power behind each brush stroke, but at the same time, the whole painting still has a controlled beauty. There is no way to compare how very touched I am. Being able to create is really such a blessing! Thank you! 謝謝您如此美好的創作,看著顏料在畫布上的堆疊,更能感受到筆觸所帶出來的力量,整體卻又有種收斂的美,哈哈,我也不太會形容,真是無比的感動。能創作真是件幸福的事! 謝謝您! "

- Sophie


"I first read about Lena’s story on her webpage, and was very moved by how she was determined to leave the financial field to pursue her childhood passion as an artist. I was also impressed by her amazing artworks. I purchased two art pieces from Lena. Lena is very kind and friendly during our communication. The shipping was fast and smooth and the paintings were packed carefully.

Lena’s paintings seem to have magic power to talk to your soul directly. I believe it is because she creates each painting wholeheartedly. When I look at "Radiance," the stunning color always reminds me of not being afraid to let my true colors radiate. As for "Compassion," the tender message it passes on always comforts me with the wisdom that when during transformation,  we should have compassion to ourself. My family and I are happy to have these two beautiful paintings to accompany us on our life journey! Thank you so much Lena!!"

- Zoe


"It is a wow. The painting is alive, pure, peaceful and amazing.
This is the first original painting I’ve acquired. I am glad it is Grace. Thank you."

- James

New York

"Each painting of Lena's has its own heart and soul. Each of them is comforting, unique, and gentle. Her artworks warmly express human conditions, connections, and healings that human and the universe have for each other. My inner light glows every time I observe her paintings. They touch my heart, make me feel alive, and remind me of my purpose."

- Baw


"From behind the frame, I can see what you have intuited about me--the thoughts and spiritual power that have been accumulating deep within my heart for many years. I really like your artwork, which showcases your wisdom. I am sincerely grateful. 從裱框後畫中可看出妳所悟到的-我個人多年來凝聚在內心深處的心思與靈動力量、我太喜歡您的靈慧之作!衷心的謝謝您!"

- Walter


"Lena: Thank you! Our whole family loves the painting! The vibrant colors bring such energy and vitality! Thank you for your attentiveness and care. 元寧:謝謝妳!我們全家都很喜歡!色彩帶來了生氣蓬勃!充滿朝氣!也有了靠山!非常感謝妳的用心!"

- Julie


"Thank you for completing the commissioned three paneled Golden Whispers painting with us in mind. We appreciate the responsiveness, creativity, and client focus. 

The tryptic looks great in the master bedroom. Love it!"

- Helayne


"We ordered a few paintings from Lena Young’s website for our Singapore office. They were packed very well and arrived in perfect condition. Lena’s paintings are truly exceptional. They radiate energy and inspire our team.

I strongly recommend that you get at least one painting for your home or office."

- Nicolas


"I ABSOLUTELY LOVE the painting Surrender and am so happy to find a place where it most fits in my house."

- Bobbie


"It’s really my privilege to have your work which has enlightened my place with elegance and depth."

- Dennis


"We received the paintings that you commissioned for us! Our entire family is so happy to experience the original artwork! We can feel the energy and intention behind each painting. They are exactly what we need right now. The two paintings that I received earlier are beginning to have an impact on our family. I really want to thank you for the power that your work has brought to us.



- Claire

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