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Lena's Studio-Gallery

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Lena Young

Email: info@lenayoung.com

Phone: 973-536-2911

In Sian Gallery

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August Ou

Email: info@insiangallery.com

Phone: +886-2-2705-9966

Open Studios: By Appointment

Dragon Tiger Mountain, Jiangxi, China

If you happen to make your way to Shanghai, Lena invites you to take a train ride over to Yingtan city. Surrounded by the majestic mountains of Dragon Tiger Mountain, her studio is just a few miles away from the train station.

Hua Quan Village is built on Dragon Tiger Mountain, a World Heritage Site which celebrates the birthplace of Taoism.  With over a million visitors a year, it is is one of the most popular tourist sites in China. The breathtaking scenic views of towering cliffs separated by winding streams create a mesmerizing setting to display creative works that inspire the imagination with awe and wonder. It is here in a place where the soul can be stirred by the beauty of natural and manmade art that visitors can return to a state of peace and harmony.

Upcoming Events

"Coming Home," February-March 2021

In Sian Gallery

No.46, Sec. 4, Ren’ai Road, Da’an District, Taipei, Taiwan

Lena is excited to share her new work at In Sian Gallery in February 2021. "Coming Home" has been nearly three years in the making and details Lena's intimate journey as she finds her way back home to her heart. Stay tuned for more details about the show!

Fall Retreat 2021

Lena's Studio-Gallery

Hua Quan Village: An International Center for Art and Culture

No. 18, Tianshi Road, Yingtan, Jiangxi Province, China


Lena is reopening her new space as a studio, gallery, and teaching space. After a two year hiatus away to focus on her new upcoming show, she will be returning to China in the Fall of 2021. Come visit and explore her new space! 


Past Exhibitions

2018: Laguna Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA , USA

2018: "South End Artists at Coldwell Banker," Boston, MA, USA

2018: "22nd Annual Boston International Fine Art Show," The Cyclorama, Boston, MA, USA

2018: "Trust Yourself," Millis Acupuncture Center, Millis, MA, USA

2018: "The Forces of Nature," Lena Young Gallery, Jiangxi, China

2017: "Honoring Your Light," Lena Young Gallery, Jiangxi, China (sold out, click here to see select works)

2017: "Transcending Boundaries," Lena Young Gallery, Jiangxi, China (sold out, click here to see select works)

2016: "Kaleidoscope," Lena Young Gallery, Jiangxi, China (sold out)

2016: "Misty Memories," Lena Young Gallery, Jiangxi, China (sold out) 

2015: Mandarin Fine Art Gallery, Laguna Beach, CA

2015: "Healing Through Art: Illuminating the Voice Within," Be Wild Woman, New York City, NY, USA

2015: "Hope," William Raveis Cancer Research Fundraiser, Stamford, CN, USA

2015: "Art and Positive Psychology", Cos Cob, CN 

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