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Art can speak directly to our hearts. When we look at a painting, often times, our first thought--our immediate gut feeling--is our most authentic response. It happens before the mind has time to analyze. What we are drawn to can actually tell us a lot about ourselves, our state of mind in that moment. It can show us what we need and what our soul is seeking.

Browse through the new collection and see what resonates with you. Lena's paintings take you on a transformational journey of the heart.


This past year I learned how to really hold space for my pain, meeting it with compassion and kindness rather than with critical self-judgement or condemnation. Life is full of growing pains, especially when old stories are triggered and traumas are reactivated. This is especially true right before a major breakthrough, before our protective shell finally cracks. For me, it has always been easier to avoid or suppress my pain—to distract myself or move on by convincing myself to focus on the positives, enjoy the moment, be grateful. But without allowing the emotions to flow, they can stagnate and build. I would rather appease and placate to avoid rocking the boat instead of mindfully holding space for emotions to pass through.

By learning to meet my own emotions with unconditional love and acceptance... to stay with the pain without reacting, fixing, or actively alleviating, I witness my capacity for all emotions increasing. I have found that when pain is held with love and stillness, it can heal with grace, but when met with resistance or frustration, suffering ensues.

​This new series is about treating ourselves with compassion and kindness. It is about fully embracing our entire being—the good and the bad, the highs and the lows—without judgement. When we can mindfully be the space and allow whatever arises to be as it is, we move through life and all its difficulties and challenges with a deeper sense of peace and contentment. ​


This series speaks about personal growth and transformation. It is about gaining the clarity and awareness to break through our habitual patterns and embracing a more authentic and graceful way of being. Transformation happens when we can surrender to the flow of life and allow the change to happen.


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Photography Credits: Kristi Klemens, David Kaptein, Sarah Storrer, Joyelle West   -   Hair & Makeup: Denise Empey, Lena Kaptein, Paula Roderick Voisembert