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Experience the power of art!

Art can speak directly to our hearts. When we look at a painting, often times, our first thought--our immediate gut feeling--is our most authentic response. It happens before the mind has time to analyze. What we are drawn to can actually tell us a lot about ourselves, our state of mind in that moment. It can show us what we need and what our soul is seeking.

Browse through the new collection and see what resonates with you. Lena's paintings take you on a transformational journey of the heart.


Fear. One of the most contagious and deadly emotions that spreads like wildfire. In this day and age, fear lives in many people’s hearts, emanating through their everyday words and actions. From the cobwebs of our own mind, fear spreads throughout our society and dictates how we live our lives. From this place, hate, anger, judgment, struggle, suffering, and hurt arise, and we create a reality that is marred by darkness.
This series explores a reality where fear can be transmuted into love. This is no easy feat, for the heaviness that fear has carried with it throughout the centuries is difficult to embrace without letting it overwhelm and overtake us.


But it is this acceptance of fear with all its baggage that allows us to take the first step to heal. With gentle awareness of our strong ties to this powerful emotion, we can slowly begin to dissolve it as we evolve into a space that has more capacity for love.


Love reignites a flame in our hearts that burns for truth, courage, and kindness. It inspires us to find the compassion within to take the world head on moment by moment with faith in goodness and trust in the natural flow of life. Transmuting our fear into love presents an opportunity for a life grounded in openness, in limitless possibilities, and in miracles.

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